Elina By Frieling Thermal Container

Elina By Frieling Thermal Container

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Elina's sleek lines, slim silhouette and attached lid make it a tough act to follow. Elina keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold, so this is the way to serve hot coffee or tea, even your favorite cold beverages.

Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it is virtually unbreakable since it is made of double-walled 18/10 stainless steel-inside and out. Yes, it will stand up to daily use. And to make your life easier, it is dishwasher safe.

To pour drip-free, simply push the lever. Releasing the lever re-seals it. For easy filling and cleaning, the attached lid opens all the way.

The ergonomic handle provides comfort and security even with the larger sizes.

Thanks to a double-wall insulation, Elina's heat/cold retention is impressive, ensuring that you can enjoy any beverage, hot or cold, at your preferred temperature all day long.

For optimum heat/cold retention, it is recommended to match the size of the server to your intended use: E.g., if you wish to keep just a cup or two hot longer, choose one of the smaller sizes (because a larger capacity server, in that case filled mostly with air and very little beverage, cannot keep the beverage sufficiently hot/cold). For family use or entertaining, go with the larger capacities.

Why would you even need a server that can keep your coffee hot for 9 hours? Even if you don't, what this tells you is that if it is capable of keeping your beverage hot for 9 hours, then you'll be guaranteed a perfectly hot beverage after 4 hours without a doubt.

Hint: To enhance heat retention even further, preheat your server with hot water while your coffee is brewing.

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