A Carolina Morning

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Light/Medium Roast - Great Body - Sweet Lively Finish

The certified organic specialty combines soft citrus notes with hints of dark chocolate, a full body and a delightful clean finish!

As with every cup of A Carolina Morning, you can expect a delightful hint of cane sugar sweetness. However, this Colombian gem, 'El Cielo,' brings a unique new twist with its sweet citrus notes of tangerine and cherry. The flavor profile is further enhanced by the smoothness of chocolate and a satisfyingly round body. It's a coffee that shines bright enough to greet 'A Carolina Morning' with enthusiasm yet remains smooth and enjoyable throughout the day. Trust us when we say you won't be able to resist indulging in this incredible coffee.

Bright enough to be A Carolina Morning and smooth enough to drink all day!

Small farmers produce this coffee in the municipality of La Union in Narino. Narino has always produced some of the most complex coffees in Colombia. 

Different factors contribute to this; very high altitude, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and the cannon that cross the area create a perfect crossover of weather & temperature. 

This enables the ideal climate that allows for a slow maturation of cherries and a full development of flavors.

The average size of a farm in La Union is between 2 to 4 hectares. Family members manage them, taking care of the picking, de-pulping, drying, and delivery.
Because of the high altitude of the farms,(5700 ft above sea level), the producers in the area often refer to their farms as pieces of heaven on earth; therefore, they name this lot El Cielo. All these factors result in a sweet cup with a clean finish and complex citrus notes. 

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