Moccamaster Brew-Thru-Lid

Moccamaster Brew-Thru-Lid

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A replacement lid for all Thermal Carafe Brewers with Mixing Tube.  The Brew-Thru Lid is engineered to allow coffee to drip directly into the carafe and minimize heat loss while brewing. The Brew-Thru Lid can also be poured through, so it doesn’t need to be loosened or removed when pouring your coffee. If used properly, your coffee will stay hot for up to an hour. Constructed of BPA, BPS, BPF, & phthalate-free plastics

• Scientifically designed for minimum heat loss and maintains perfecttemperature while brewing.
• Mixes coffee automatically while brewing.
• Simply brew and pour— do not remove lid.
• Easy to clean.

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