Flavored Coffees Are Not Created Equal

Flavored Coffees Are Not Created Equal

My favorite time of year is when the cooler temps start moving in and we start roasting our Carolina Christmas Coffee.....After years of cupping, blending, and flavoring our journey has led to this incredible seasonal treat! 

It is about this time each year that I get asked a thousand times, what makes this flavored coffee so good... well let me tell you.

It all starts with the coffee we roast, period. The fact that our Carolina Christmas coffee consists of 4 different flavors makes it even more important to start with the right green coffee to roast.

Most companies that produce flavored coffees, start with a lesser quality or past crop green coffee because they are cheaper and they think they can mask the poor quality of the coffee with strong flavoring. What you end up with is a bitter and overpowering cup of coffee that produces a strong stale flavor that is not pleasant and will only get worse as the coffee ages.

On the contrary, we start with a specialty grade Central American green coffee that, when roasted to its sweet spot, produces a great medium bodied perfectly balanced cup. We let this coffee sit for a few hours after roasting to rest and then begin the flavoring process. We take this craft-roasted Specialty and carefully blend the flavors of Cinnamon, Almond, Macaroon and Bavarian Chocolate in small batches just long enough for the flavors to be absorbed by the warm from the roaster coffee beans to create this handcrafted specialty known as 'Carolina Christmas Blend'. Before you taste the first sip, the aroma alone from our Carolina Christmas Blend takes you back to that nip in the air from your first snowfall and the cozy warmth from that crackling holiday fire.

Now you know the secret..... Quality, Passion, and remember FRESH is always better!

For your sipping pleasure.....................
The Owens Family